The history of REMBUD-ZREMB is closely linked to that of its mother company, HOLDING-ZREMB Gorzów S.A and a key change in the history of this company occurred in 1963 with the implementation of the production of gantry cranes, in which REMBUD-ZREMB has specialized up this present day.

Permanent monuments to the company can be seen in many of the landmarks of Gorzów Wielkopolski, including the Lubuski Bridge over the River Warta, which was constructed in 1999 with steel structures produced by, what was to become, REMBUD-ZREMB.

REMBUD-ZREMB became one of the three branches of HOLDING-ZREMB Gorzów S.A. in 2002 and currently has approximately 120 employees and specializes in the production of gantry cranes and steel structures.

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